Adventures in Adjunct Life: Week One

Well, my first week as an adjunct is officially over. After five days of teaching four different classes at two institutions across three campuses, here are the pros and cons I have noticed so far:


  • being able to do work I love doing (aka teaching composition)
  • actually getting paid to do this work
  • making more money than I did as a TA
  • faculty parking privileges
  • not just faculty parking, but FREE faculty parking
  • the thrill of having students call me “professor”
  • ability to take 1 free class a semester (at 1 of the 2 schools)
  • dedicated work space with printing/copying privileges
  • additional teaching experience
  • resume booster


  • severely underpaid compared to full-time faculty
  • no health benefits
  • having to travel from school to school and/or campus to campus
  • no personal desk space (adjunct work spaces are first-come, first-serve)
  • the feeling of not being regarded as “real” faculty by full-time faculty
  • excluded from department functions I was not excluded from as a TA

That’s what I’ve got so far! Overall, the benefits outweigh the negatives right now. I’m interested to see how my experience as an adjunct continues over the course of the semester and into the spring.

Are you currently an adjunct or have you been an adjunct in the past? If so, what would you add to these lists? Comment below!


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