A Semester to Remember

In about a week and a half, fall semester will begin. On the first day of classes, students will emerge from their dorms and campus apartments, their backpacks laden with overpriced textbooks, and will stumble into the classrooms where they will spending the next fifteen weeks. And so begins a semester of studying, homework, partying, and learning (hopefully).

For the first time in my life, I will be completely on the other side of the campus equation. No classes to attend. No coursework to complete. No essays to write in-between grading student papers. No lesson planning during lectures. With the end of grad school also came the end of negotiating dual teacher-and-student roles.

I’m teaching three courses across two universities and three campuses.In addition to teaching, I’ll also be working as a professional writing tutor in an online writing lab. As if the planning, teaching, and grading attached to three classes and online tutoring wasn’t already enough to occupy my time, I’m also entering into Ph.D. application season. That means I have weeks and weeks of GRE prep, personal statements, and writing samples ahead of me. And having enough of a social life to hold onto my boyfriend and friends is also somewhere on this list.

I don’t know what the “professor” life is completely like yet. What will teaching be like when I don’t have student responsibilities to adhere to as well? Will this be the best semester of my life or the semester from hell?

I don’t have the answers to these questions yet. All that I know is that I’m equal parts excited and terrified for this semester to begin. It is sure to be a memorable one.



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