Last Call

As I was driving home in the dark last night from my last class ever as a student of my university, I started thinking about how crazy, challenging, and beautiful the journey has been these past two years. Of course I will remember the long hours on campus, the extensive projects, the conference presentations, and the grading. But, more than that, I will remember the laughter. The moments of procrastination spent in each others’ offices. The feeling of being in front of my own class for the first time and getting to share my love of Harry Potter with students. The first time I truly realized I had made an impact on a student’s life. Sharing drinks, awards, and laughs at the Taddies (TA Dundies). A profound moment on the top deck of a ferry in the middle of Puget Sound. And, most of all, I will remember how lucky I’ve been to not only have coworkers I like, but coworkers that I can genuinely call friends.

Sure, grad school has been a long and difficult journey. But damn has it also been a good one.



  1. scribblesofsophie · April 29, 2016

    Lovely read!!

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